FEBRUARY 25, 2015
Ana Maria in Novela Land
ComingSoon.net has an exclusive clip from Georgina Garcia Riedel’s romantic comedy Ana Maria in Novela Land, starring Edy Ganem as the title character, a fan of Spanish telenovelas who suddenly finds herself trading places with her favorite character from television. 
You can check out the clip below in which Ana Maria has just discovered she’s entered the TV world and become a member of the cast of her favorite show, so she calls her friend Laura (Carla Morrison) to try to figure out what’s happening.
Even if you’re not into telenovelas, it’s a fun movie featuring a winning performance by Ganem that really shows her to be a very funny new talent to watch out for. 
Co-starring Luis Guzman , Dyana Artelli, Juan Pablo Gamboa and the late Elizabeth Peña (in her last role), Ana Maria in Novela Land opens in select theaters in Los Angeles, Houston and Miami and on VOD on Friday, February 27.