Monday, 22 December 2014

Ana Maria in Novela Land - Trailer

Ana Maria in Novela Land - Trailer

Ready?! My new film !! Coming out at the end of February

In honor of - Ana Maria w Eduardo & Armando &

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Published on 18 Dec 2014
Ana Maria in Novela Land is the story of one young woman's struggle to find herself after she wakes up inside her favorite telenovela.

In Theatres February 27 2015

Edy Ganem as Ana Maria/Ariana
Michael Steger as Armando/Tony
Luis Guzman as Schmidt
Elizabeth Peña as Sra Soto

Directed by - Georgina Garcia Riedel
Written by - Georgina Garcia Riedel & Jose Nestor Marquez
Producers - Andrew Gernhard, Steak House, Shane O'Brien, Zach O'Brien
Executive Producers - Valerie Stadler & Jose Nestor Marquez

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