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2014: Violeta is a Southern American Gothic horror short film starring Edy

Violeta is a short, Southern Gothic horror film written by Joseph Nava and directed by Molly O’Connor. The film stars Edy Ganem, Jason R. Jenkins, and Arlene Santana.


When her lifelong friend Violeta mysteriously dies, Carmen spirals into a psychological breakdown as she experiences disturbing visions and acts of violence. Has Violeta’s ghost returned from the dead to haunt Carmen or is Carmen’s guilt over a secret love affair driving her mad?

Why Southern Gothic?

Violeta is not your typical horror film. While it draws from the conventions of horror, it defies the genre by blending romance and melodrama with a Southern Gothic style. Violeta takes inspiration from classic Gothic films like Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, Jack Clayton’s The Innocents, and Luis Buñuel’sViridiana. The film disguises elements of the grotesque within beautiful images to examine the decaying of cultural values in the American South. Violeta is a scathing, but visually stunning, critique of the politics of love between an American man and two Mexican women who are far away from home.

Violeta from Violeta the Film on Vimeo.

Violeta is a Southern Gothic horror film about a young Mexican woman who believes she is being haunted by her best friend's ghost.

Edurne Ganem as CARMEN

After an exciting casting process, we have found our Carmen! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the talented and lovely EDURNE GANEM…
We’re thrilled to be working with Edurne! She has such a visceral presence about her that cuts through your gut and gets you in the heart. She brings an innocent beauty and an underlying passion to the role of Carmen.

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Edy Ganem
Joseph Nava
Writer / Producer
Molly O’Connor
Director / Producer
Dawn Wiercinski
Consulting Producer
Jon Aguirresarobe
Cassandra Siemon
Production Designer
A. Tad Chamberlain
Sound Mixer
Imogene Chayes
Costume Designer
Natalie Arzola
Costume Supervisor
Julie Murray
Make-Up & Hair
Kristen Calderon
Special FX Makeup
James Warfield
Assistant Director
Jill Lanza-Coppola
Casting Director
Chuck Wheeler
Special Effects Supervisor

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